Attend A Live Workshop

Create authentic videos that get results.


3 Day Workshop

Learn how to make authentic videos.

12 Week Program

Create authentic video system that drives results.


Video Coaching


1-1 Video Coaching

- How To Create Videos Quickly

- Remote Video Interviews For Self Taping

- Virtual Lighting Design

- On Camera Coaching

- Ways To Grow Your Business With Video

- Equipment Recommendations

1-1 Video Coaching + Experts

Everything in the coaching package plus!

- We write the scripts with you

- Hire experts to film for you

- Customized Branding

- Create A Custom Video Library

- Unlimited Video Revisions



Expert Certification

- Get certified to be an Expert

- Grow a business making videos that drive results

- Get warm leads from our website

- Game plan to take your career to the next level

- Leadership and mentorship opportunities with Chase

- Make a positive impact on the world by helping others do what they love


Are you a major brand?

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