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You’re about to embark on an amazing journey.


It's time to focus on action. celebrate customers. attract top talent. tell your story. be yourself. land that big account. stop overexplaining. get results. motivate others. film your next big event. impress your investors. train your employees. pitch your next idea. launch your next company. put in the work. see yourself at your best.

How to be successful with our program?

  • Be yourself, think big, and stay focused on serving your customers. Ultimately, your business will reflect you, your values, and how well you are able to solve problems.
  • Communicate your personal strengths and weaknesses with your coach so that we can craft a process that fits within your ability to maintain.
  • Give each module and each session your all. You will be asked to do some exersises and maintain a b-roll journal, as well as be asked to watch videos that will help you grow as an "executive producer".
  • Invite your team to participate in critiques, provide feedback on content, and flesh out ideas.

Creating Your Account

Here’s what to expect for the next 14 days.

The on-boarding process can take up to 14 days. Billing will start on your first coaching session.

Setup Client Page


Our team will set up your password protected client page, this will be our home base and where we will post all of the work we do together. You will receive an email with a link to a quick form to get us started.

Upload Branding and Marketing Material


We will send you a shared link to dropbox to place all branding and marketing collateral, as well as any photos of your office for location scouting, and to share any videos that you have previously shot.

Program Overview and Equipment Guide


We suggest that you consider purchasing a few pieces of equipment that will help us collaborate more effectively such as software, microphone, basic lighting, camera, and a tripod for any self taping. You will also be briefed on how to use the system most effectively according to your goals.

Start Creating


After our 14 day setup, your coaching will begin and our first assignment will be under way. You will not be billed until after this 14 day period.

Program Overview


Tips To Get Started

Quick Tip, Start Practicing B-Roll

Using the 5 Shots

  1. Shot of the hands

  2. Shot of the face

  3. Wide shot

  4. Side shot

  5. Over the shoulder

Quick Tip, improving audio for iPhones

Here’s a quick video done for one of our clients who needed to interview people from all over the country on a micro-budget. Here is a quick tutorial we made for them to help them film with what they have.

All In One Web Cam Review

The Marantz Turret is truly an amazing tool to make videos for training, record voice overs, and create process overviews. We got this to check it out for a client and ended up keeping it!


Help spread the word!

If you think someone would benefit from our program, send them a free coaching call.

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