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Expert Services To Bring Your Vision To Life

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How do you know you need experts?

  • Are you implementing best practices in your media?

  • Do your videos look like they were shot on an iPhone (because they were…)

  • Does your in-house production team need a kick in the ____.

  • Is it embarrassing to show your videos to your clients you’ve paid thousands of dollars for?

  • Have you always tried hiring creatives, but have no clue how to get what you want?

  • Do you feel frustrated working with people who always say, “we can’t do that” or “that’s too hard”?


Doing it right is one thing. Doing it wrong is another.


What makes our experts different?

Equipment Included

Selecting Experts

Our experts have their own gear and equipment and know how to use it to achieve amazing results.

Project Focused

Selecting Experts

We select experts based on their ability to create in a professional, fast paced environment and prioritize deadlines.

Leadership Abilities

Selecting Experts

Our experts are selected based on their design skills, creative ideas, responsiveness, and concern for our customers.

Work well with our coaches

Selecting Experts

Our experts are mentored and trained in our coaching program and are able to execute in a predictable and uniform manner so you get the same thing whether you are in New York, LA, and beyond.


What to expect from our experts?

Got an idea, written a script, got someone to star in it?

We will help you select 3-5 experts that will go above and beyond for your project.

Visual Experts

Our filmmakers will light and film with quality visuals.

  1. Cinematic shots of your company in action
  2. Light and film interviews of key people
  3. Capture important events or training
  4. Shoot TV and Documentary content

Editing Experts

Our editors will craft your footage into a final video based on your script.

  1. Assemble footage into a seamless story
  2. Add transitions, text, and brand identity
  3. Select music or stock footage
  4. Color correct footage
  5. Export videos for optimization on your platform

Audio Experts

Take project to the next level with audio experts.

  1. Record podcasts, audio books, or voiceovers
  2. Add sound design to your project
  3. Elevate audio recording on sets requiring multiple speakers

What’s my investment?

How much is poorly filmed footage costing you? What about bad audio? Do you have trouble getting the lighting right? Ever wondered why some projects seem to just flow naturally where you get lost in the story? Ever bought something because you watched a helpful video? Have you ever skipped over a blog post to watch short video summary? Have you ever lost customers from other companies who were making videos?

Not using experts could be costing you a lot.


Get 10-15% off with


  • With our coaching program, you will be able to maximize the credits you use.
  • You will also receive discounts for all services.
  • As well as over $800 in savings each month
  • Coaching + Services package comes with 12 credits a month

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Expert Services






Advanced Color Correction

Motion Graphics


Sound Mixing

Sound Design

Custom Music


Voice Overs

Services not in bold may vary in price

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