Cleaner Blending

Smoothie King Franchisees


"To be a part of every fitness and health plan."

Smoothies are the way we accomplish this larger mission of healthy and active living. We provide a consistent smoothie experience wherever our customers go, we create smoothies with no added sugar, and better sourcing of fruits and vegetables (among other things), an excellent and motivated team, amazing franchisee owners across cities, states, and borders, as well as provide ways for our customers accomplish their purpose. 



Videos feature useful and clear direction and information on how to implement cleaner blending initiative into their location. 

Story Objectives:

Our customers want to be alive to see their grandkids and to feel good about themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. What we eat plays a large role on how we feel and the life we can live. People come to smoothie king because they trust that our smoothies are in fact a cleaner blending solution.

Customers Story

SK Customers choose smothies as an integral part of their fitness plan. 

  1. Select your purpose and choose a smoothie that will help you on your journey.
  2. Off you go to work, to the gym, a game, biking, hiking, swimming, and skydiving. 
  3. Holding a smoothie king cup is a crown to wear screaming, "I am growing and making progress"

Brand Objectives:

"To inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle."

  • Create a shared sense of missional ownership and 100% dedication to the cause.
  • This is your world, this is your future.
  • Carrying the mission of Smoothie King is greater than a smoothie, it's a commitment to a more active and healthy life. 


We are revolutionizing smoothie king and how it is perceived by our customers. Cleaner blending means that we are making an impact for good. This is bigger than us, and it's happening all around us. We must take ownership of this, because it is here to stay.