Create A Sizzle Video

15 second video of your company in action for only $300

Shareable on your website, social media accounts, in an email, or in your store.


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What’s Included?

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1 Hour Shoot

An expert will capture footage of you and your team at work.

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15 Second Sizzle

We will edit a 15 second video using the best footage from the shoot.

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Purposed for any platform

We give you the option to have vertical, square, or horizontal videos.

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Add custom branding

Upload your logo to place at the beginning or end of the video. Be sure it’s transparent and of the highest quality.


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Is This Right For You?

5 Ways To Use Your Video

  1. Share it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Vimeo

  2. Showcase your video in a sales meeting or in a presentation.

  3. Play videos in your store when new customers enter

  4. Put it on the background of your website

  5. Attach it in an email signature or in an email campaign

Perfect For Any Business In Any Industry

  • Financial advisors, Fortune 500 companies, Retail,

  • Tech companies, Consultants, Small businesses,

  • Real-estate agents, Start ups, Nonprofits, Solopreneurs,

  • Service-based companies, Restaurants, Manufacturers,

  • Medical professionals, Government agencies

  • Banks, Sports teams and more...


How Does It Work?


1. Script

Fill out a pre-shoot questionnaire to generate a quick shooting script.


2. Shoot

Your expert will arrive to capture your business.


3. Edit

Your expert will cut together a video ready to share within days.


4. Share

Receive a link to download your video and share it wherever you like!



Pricing & Upgrades

Get A 15 Second Video Or Upgrade Your Shoot

Social Sizzle Video


1 Hour Shoot With An Expert

15 Second Sizzle Video

Royalty Free Music

Your Logo At The End (optional)

Delivered within 2 Business Days

Optimized For Social Media

Book Today

Upgrade Your Video

From $75

Download Raw Footage

Add an hour to your shoot

30 Second Video Upgrade

60 Second Video Upgrade

Ad An Interview

And More

Looking for more options? Schedule a call to see learn more.

If you don’t feel that you receive more value than you pay for, we will give you a 100% refund after 7 days


Helpful Tips Before Scheduling

4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Shoot

1. Enhance Your Video

You can easily add more time to film, a longer video, download links to the raw footage, or include an interview.

2. Choose A Time When There’s A Lot Of Action

Choose a time when your team is working at it’s peak performance. We are looking to capture you in the flow doing what you do best.

3. Don’t purchase until you’re happy with your answers.

Before you purchase the video package, we ask that you fill out a pre-shoot questionnaire so your expert can best prepare for your shoot. This will be our primary guide, so the clearer and more thought out your answers, the better the overall video will be.

4. Have A Lot Of Fun!

Tap into the heart of your company and be ready to have a blast creating. We love what we do and pride ourselves in having FUN!

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What If I Need To Reschedule?

  • Once you receive you remail confirmation, there will be a button to reschedule your appointment
  • To reschedule click the button and follow the prompts
  • We allow schoots to be rescheduled as long as it's within 48 hours of the original shoot.