Earth X 2018

Event Filming

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Video Stats: 17 Videographers | 4 Days | 8 TB Footage | Hundreds Of Videos

The Story

EarthX is one of the, if not the largest, event expo on the planet. It didn’t start this way. In fact, they have grown quite a bit since we first worked with them in 2012.

We first met with Earth X when it was Earth Day Dallas and created a video that they still use to this day.

Flashforward to 2018, we were contacted a week before EarthX to film for four days with a crew of 17 videographers to capture speaker series as well as B-roll content for the event.

The event covered the entire footprint of Fair Park and featured celebrities like Buzz Aldrin, Colby Calait, and put on by Trammel Crowe Jr.

This is our first video with EarthX back in 2012 when they were Earth Day Dallas.

You can see some of our footage as well as more of the conference in this video and several more on their YouTube channel. We were not hired for the editing or creative direction of this piece.

Project Details

We shot this using a Canon Cinema cameras in HD and 4K throughout the event. With so many logistics and a short turnaround, we are happy that we were able to put this together. Divide and conquer!

Typically, these projects are given to us well in advanced, but under the circumstances, we were able to band together and do our work.

While we always love filming big events, it’s our belief that brevity is always key to get the point across and send the best message to your audience. This is why we still love the first video we made for them back in 2012, and continue to create emotionally driven films that capture what’s unique about each client.