Smoothie King Franchisees

Video Guidelines


Each Video Should:

  • Make a clear case for why cleaner blending is important as well communicate it's personal, economic, and eternal benefits.
  • Share true-to-life examples, tips, tricks, statistics, analogies, and facts on how to implement this into day to day operations. 

Possible Videos

  • Cleaner Blending Overview
    • What is cleaner blending?
    • Why does it matter?
    • How do we use it?
  • Cleaner Blending Strategy
    • Cleaner Blending Principles and Philosophy
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Your Role As A Team Member
    • Questions To Ask
    • Customer FAQs
  • Cleaner Blending Environment
    • Easy Work Environment
    • Creating A Meaningful Experience For Everyone
    • Customizing To Your Location
  • Your Cleaner Blending
    • Personal Health Goals
    • Learning From Others
    • Creating A Daily Discipline For Health
    • Courage To Fight Your Own Battles
    • Lead By Example
  • Cleaner Blending Climate
    • Cycles and Seasons
    • What to do if _____________
    • What happens if we don't move to cleaner blending
    • How to Improve on ________
    • When to ask for help with _________
    • When people don't want to change...
  • Cleaner Blending Systems
    • Communication Tools
    • Mission Tools

How to engage customers and assess situations.

- Questions to ask customers
- What to say when asked ___________. 
- How to handle conflicts if someone cannot order the smoothie they want. 

  • Living the mission as a team. What are some of your goals?
  • The Smoothie King evolution and revolution towards cleaner blending
  • Ideal Customer Experience: Select your purpose and choose a smoothie that will help you on your journey. Then off you go to work, to the gym, a game, biking, hiking, swimming, and skydiving. Holding a smoothie king cup is a crown to wear screaming, "I am growing and making progress" 

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