Capture An Event

Capture An Event

from 3,200.00

Great for special events, fundraisers, trade shows, and other events as well as live streaming. These videos will help in promoting future events, attract better exhibitors, and share successes.

  • Password Protected Client Page

  • 2 Expert Videographers for 8-10 hours of 4K or HD coverage

  • Access to raw footage via Dropbox

  • 2-3 Minute Highlight

  • 6-8 Week Turnaround*

  • Work with a dedicated expert

  • Optimized export for social media

  • 15 second instagram trailer

  • 2 Revisions

*Turnaround time may be affected by client needs and project scope. Same day edits require pre-planning and are limited throughout the year.

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If you're interviewing people randomly, is it a liability to have footage of them and for us to use them in the video?

Answer: We will have someone on-site that will be in charge of handling paperwork and we will not use anyone's interview or likeness without their consent. If they do not sign our "talent release form" then we will not use that footage. In run and gun scenarios, we will also get verbal contracts on camera that will hold in any courtroom setting.

I always hate it when I'm filmed... Can I have someone else talk for me?

Answer: Yes you can... we have other packages that allow for you to use "talent" or "actors" to read a script. We do encourage for this style that we keep everything very natural. Our interviewers are very friendly and will make you feel at ease. Imagine a conversation with a friend, we want you to feel very comfortable to talk with us about your business. If we need you to repeat a line, we may have you say it back in your own words. In the end, we will be editing down your interview, cutting out unnecessary um's and uh's - as well as other blunders.

Is there a way for me or my teammates to receive coaching on how to be on camera? 

If you're really nervous about being on camera, consider taking one of our "Talk About It" classes. In our Talk About It sessions, we go over how to communicate on camera. All of our interviewers are trained instructors and if you would like to schedule time with them, they will happily coach you prior to your interview to give you a polished, poised, and noteworthy performance. 

If I choose the same day for an edit, will I still be able to request revisions for another release? 

Yes, we allow for revisions of the same day edits to extend up until 8 weeks, otherwise you will need to purchase a monthly package.