Harper Grace | “Yard Sale”


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The Story

Harper Grace was a crowd favorite on American Idol 2018 and her story went viral.

Harper is passionate about giving hope and pursuing your dream despite what others think. This belief was shaped dramatically by another viral video titled “The Worst National Anthem Ever” in which she was the singer.

Flash forward to 2018 with experience and a new outlook, she finds herself in a room with Katy Perry, Blake Sheldon, and Lionel Richie.

After she was let go from American Idol, she was encouraged to release one of her songs that had been featured in her audition. With the nod from American Idol producers, we were given the green light to put together Harper’s first music video.

Harper Grace auditions for American Idol in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with a down-home original song called "Yard Sale."

The Creative

When we first heard the song, we decided to take a literal interpretation of the song while showcasing Harper’s personality and artistry as a storyteller. We met with Harper via Google hangout to discuss the project.

On the right, you’ll see a pre-vis video with the general concept so they could prepare some of the items. It involved a young cast, a stage performance, a yard sale, a shopping spree, a truck, and a mini narrative of the breakup and the promise of a new love.

Storyboard pre-visualization for Yard Sale music video.

The Execution

We were fortunate to land a great location and meet phenomenal people who wanted to help us with the project. They let us borrow a classic car instead of a truck, and Karlis (Harper’s Dad) was able to prepare an amazing set for the Yard Sale and stage.

The project was filmed using a 4K Cinema Camera and cinema lenses with a small film crew. We used a soft scrim for soft natural lighting outdoors, an LED kit, tungsten Arri kit, and shot within a 2 mile radius over the course of two days.

Some elements were anticipated, but not planned. It just so happens that for our last setup at night, a train flew by right at the peak of a second chorus.

This project would not have been so successful if it hadn’t been for hard work, a young girl’s dream, great community, and several people coming together to make it happen. It was an amazing experience for our team, and we are excited to see where Harper goes in the future.

To learn more about Harper Grace, head to her website at https://www.harpergracexo.com/ or follow her on Instagram, and YouTube.

Music Video Crew:

Chase Arrington
| Director / Producer / Editor

Reese Arrington
| AD / Associate Producer

Michael Fowler
| Grip / Production Assistant

Bradford Nyght
| Sound Design

Paul Gore
| Supervising Producer

Harper Grace Sings Original Tune "R.I.P." for her Hollywood Week Solo Performance on American Idol 2018.