5 Best Questions To Ask Your Producer

  1. What Is My Messaging Style?

There are three primary areas to consider when determining your messaging style. It has a lot to do with your companies identity and where you want to position yourself within the marketplace.

The Visionary focuses on a new or improved product or service offering.

The Storyteller focuses strongly on how the customer benefits from the product or service.

The Value Creator focuses more on the feelings associated with the integrity of the company rather than a particular product or service.

Most companies start out as visionaries and then move into more of the brand space. This is ideal once a product or service has been fully established.

A mid-sized company tends to be out of the phase of the initial owner being the visionary lead and is not focused more heavily on the success the organization has had on their customers rather than proving their product within the marketplace.

Vision Focused: If you tend to have a very interesting product or service that helps a particular need better than others, then I highly suggest focusing more on product demos, tutorials, and use cases.

Customer Focused: If you have customers who love buying from you and you’ve made it easy for customers to get what you have, then I’d highly suggest focusing more on telling stories of how people are impacted by your organization.

Brand Focused: If you sell a lot of products centered around a trend or general demographic, consider focusing more on branding around your values, beliefs, and shared interests.

These tools are all extremely helpful in developing your voice for your company. We believe a flavor of all three makes for the perfect content strategy.

2. How Long Does It Take To Create A Video?

Videos can be made much quicker these days than in the past. The more we work together and the more we understand your brand, audience, and product, the faster we will be able to work. Videos require making several decisions sometimes all at once.

This is why we like to spend at least a week or two to properly understand you, your needs, and how we can best structure your content. This being said, the creative process can sometimes take anywhere from 10-21 business days depending on the piece.

We have produced content within a day, and those productions often require either a simple shooting strategy or with strong planning. Your producer will be very helpful in communicating how long it is possible, but ultimately it will strongly depend on how quickly we are able to make decisions.

3. How Long Should My Video Be?

Videos tend to do best when you know where they are going to be seen. As a rule, the larger the screen, the longer people’s attention span will be. If your output is primarily mobile, it may be better to create multiple 15 second videos than it would be to produce longer videos.

4. How Do I Use Video To Convert Customers?

Marketing experiments has an amazing formula for calculating this for web pages, and I have no inclination to believe that this wouldn’t be the case for videos.


Conversion = 4x The Motivation Of The customer + 3x The Clarity Of The Value Proposition + 2x (Incentive For Watching - Difficulty Or Friction Of Watching) - 2x The Anxiety Of The Customer

In other words, the more motivated your customer is, and the clearer your value proposition, the better. You also need to have a good incentive for the customer to watch through your content! If you are making your customer anxious, however… it will work against any good work you are doing.

5. Where Should I Post My Video?

There are several places to share videos. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are of the top platforms followed by snapchat and LinkedIn. In our opinion, however, your greatest success with video is going to be in your own network or through paid advertising - especially if you want to make sales. For example, say you make a video and just post it on YouTube… then you wait around for people to click on it. This is called Passive content. It’s not doing anything but sitting. Sure, we can tag it and put a good title on it which will help, but ultimately we want to help you turn it into something active.

Your sales team can put a video in their signature, you can embed a video on your website (when people go there), and you can also send it in email blasts to your customers. Lastly, the paid route is the way to go. Even starting small can see some good results.

Whatever you do, however, remember that content is consumed differently for each platform. Be sure to work with your expert or talk to your producer about which platform you intend on using before starting a project. It will dramatically help you in your content strategy.

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