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Search for truth, find deeper meaning, and become your best.

A Shared Vision For Success

A three lens approach focuses strictly on product, story, and brand. 


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Our Collective Mission

  • Push the boundaries of the entertainment industry through inspired talent, engaging storytelling, and christian values.

  • Create original content to facilitate the sales of their goods and services in an entertaining and ethical way.

  • Tell stories that help people search for truth, find deeper meaning, and become their best.

  • Create, promote and distribute products, services, and opportunities for the next generation.

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Trusted By Local And National Brands

We work with reliable, respectful, and real brands who value authentic messaging and content creation.

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Who Are Our Experts?

Our experts have big vision, talent, heart, and ability to make it happen.


Experts With Purpose

We track down artists who are able to make any project a work of cinematic beauty. 

Clear Vision

Dreamers with a love for the craft and art of storytelling, our team is eager to prepare and imagine stunning visuals.

Design Focused

The symphony of sight, sound, and meaning. We use color science, design principles, and story structure to capture an emotional experience.

Individual Growth

Experts grow their skillsets outside of our projects as well as within our company through their own creative exploration.

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In September 2018 we will be launching a new initiative to bring in the voice of the next generation to TAG.expert. 

What you will gain:

  • Access to industry leaders in film and television

  • Opportunities to work on creative projects

  • One on one mentoring sessions for personal growth

  • Tools on how to build a career as an expert

  • Grow in boldness and creativity through the Holy Spirit by walking with Jesus daily.

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