We aspire to become master thinkers, storytellers, and branding experts.

Our Brand Promise

We create an environment that inspires people to be their best authentic selves!


Our Process

Asking the right questions

Three Questions: What Do You Believe, What Have You Achieved, What Are You Leaving Behind?
— Chase Arrington

As with any project, it's important to understand why we are telling a story. The root of our action or inaction is based on what we believe, so, in order to inspire action, we first look to find the core belief - to discover that wellspring of joy, the heartache that turned into beauty, the rebirth that created a movement. This is why we create. And we do that with motion, music, and design.

It's this passion that makes each project unique, and we are always looking to collaborate with new people and experiment with new technology and equipment, with the overall goal of preserving the essence and remembering the reason why each story is relevant to the audience. Once we understand why, then and only then can we create moments and highlight events that help people see the big picture. Inviting your audience to join in and help ideas become reality.

Chase had some fantastic, creative ideas for my video, and personalized to my line of work. His editing made me sound better than I remember sounding that day!! We were very pleased with the end product. I would definitely use The Arrington Group again.
— Evan Brooke, Evan Brooke Ethical Clothing

Our Strategy

#1 Live on purpose

We live on purpose by developing threefold goals that are spiritual, economic, and professional. If any is lacking, it needs some tweaking.

#2 Know your Sweet Spot

We look to compete in the most unique way possible by making sure we are able to find meaningful rewards, favorable environment, and where the rules favor everyone involved.

#3 Lead with the Best

Character involves passion, knowledge, discipline, courage, and trustworthiness. Great leaders bring their best in each area and take initiative to cover their weaknesses by entrusting other team members and delegating accordingly.

#4 Wonder with Facts and Faith

Things never go as planned... you can plan on it. When dealing with doubts of any kind, we use demonstrations, exhibits, facts, examples, analogies, testimonials, and statistics to adjust our course once we are set on it. We also constantly need to remind ourselves of our purpose and goals.

#5 Work In Harmony For The Good of All

Every project requires that we systematize and customize communication styles that allow everyone to work in a clean, friendly, and fun environment.

Interested in strategy sessions?

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and executives to help them create and deploy their own strategies through the Purpose Test, Mili (business strategy), and The Business Launcher.

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