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Owner Portal and Dashboard

Thank you for your commitment to helping our customers and experts become their best, authentic selves. By using the tools below, we believe you will experience unprecidented returns for your business. You will now have the ability to use all of these tools to build your own agency the way.

Our Three Suggestions

  1. Tap into your inner child and allow yourself to dream
  2. Follow the next few steps to the T
  3. If it doesn't work... fix it first... then tell us about it


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Choosing Brand Partners

Incentivise Growth

An ideal brand partner is someone who believes in our brand and is excited to share this with everyone.

They need to have an existing customer base or be afilliated with companies that are all about helping people search for truth, find deeper meaning, and become their best.

You will need to help them go through the 90/90 Vision Designer and learn how to use it so they can add it to one of the ways they can create more income.

  • People who are using the same or similar product or service we offer
  • Event coordinators and planners
  • People who are using complementary product or service or are doing it themselves
  • Find affiliates and partners who have clientelle who need our products and services

Pays 10-20% Commission Or Discounts

Pays 4-10% For Warm Leads That Convert

The 90/90 Vision Session

Start by listening for passion

One of the ways we succeed is by active listening. Many business owners are bombarded with people looking to grab clients. Our job is to find interest in others who are looking for solutions for their businesses. We don't always have the right solution, but what we can do is get extreme clarity by utilizing the 90/90 Vision Session.

Pays $45-$80/Session Based On Experience

*Deduct a $9 franchise fee*


Directors and Coaches

Your Directors are your greatest asset to your business next to the experts because they are responsible for making sure things get done on budget, on time, and on vision. You can find your own directors or decide to do it yourself. Check in with their progress weekly to see how the work is going.

Directors will get paid up to 10% of the project. Some directors may also be registered experts, so in this case they will be able to self manage the project or have someone who does this for them.

Either way, they must be qualified through us in order to cut into the 10%.

Services they offer: 

  • Creative Direction Over Projects Ranging From Video Production and More
  • On Camera Coaching For Blocks Videos
  • Storytelling Workshops

Typical Hourly Rate $30-75/hr

Project Based 10% 


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Getting Ideas

Tap Into The Expert Pool

After the 90/90 Session, schedule a meeting with the appropriate director so they can select and relay the information to a team of experts and outline the results. Be sure to encourage your directors to ask experts for ideas, insight, and allow them to pitch you with what they can do.

Get your directors inspired to do a great job for the customer and be sure to communicate your appreciation for them often.

Experts get in and get out really fast and have a high level of competency in a specific field. 

Plan to spend 30% of your budget to hire the appropriate experts and to acquire additional equipment needed.

High End $90/hr

Low End $35/hr

Project Based 30% of Budget



Getting Paid

Healthy Budgeting Tips

In all negotiations within the organization, we've found that this is the healthiest goal for us to have as owners of should aim to have a 40% profit margin after we've taken out the 30% for the experts, the 10% for Directors, and the 20% for Commission.


*Plus a 10% Franchise Fee

How We Split The Pie

Let's say we sold a video project for $10,000.

  • Owner = $3,000
  • Experts = $3,000
  • Director = $1,000
  • Brand Partner = $2,000

If you are a franchise owner, you are required to pay a 10% royalty fee. In this case it would be $1,000.


If you happen to be an owner and operate well in these categories, you can decide to play all roles and you would receive 90% of the job totalling $9000.

Remember that while it's nice to look at big numbers, it's always best to play with a team and we've noticed that our greatest success happens when we rely on other people's expertise to help us maximize on our strengths.

90/90 Vision Sessions

For every 90/90 Vision Session you do with your customers you can decide to handle it all yourself. This is technically your marketing budget and you can even give it away as long as you kick us the royalty fee of $9.00.

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