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We are based in Dallas, TX but have experts all over the globe (and travel a lot). 

three lenses of expertise


Our job is to work with these three lenses of expertise to connect them into infinite possibilities. 


Design Vision

We believe true vision takes out-of-the-box thinking and puts it inside the box. We imagine solutions to future problems through efficient processes, reduced cost, and a high standard of quality.


Inspire Action

Story goes through the wants, needs, and obstacles we face everyday and takes the character on a journey towards their ultimate goals. When we look to the greater interests of your customer, we help them be their best, authentic selves.


Unique Value

We encourage our brand partners, directors, and experts to be themselves. Our time is all limited on this earth, so there's no reason to sit and try to be someone we are not. No matter what product or story we have, our brand is all about creating an environment for natural giftings to grow.

Getting Focused: What Does Winning Look Like?

While we have an inclusive mindset, we screen our brand partners, experts, and storytellers to ensure that we are creating lasting and meaningful relationships for everyone involved. 

In order to be excellent, all areas need to be excellent. From our customers (brand partners) to our product creators (experts) and our storyteller (producers) we are able to create brand new environments for success in Movies, Episodic TV, Documentaries, Commercials, and much more.  


We are dedicated to creating an environment for people to become their best, authentic selves.

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Three Parameters That Make A World Class Environment

When you partner with TAG.expert, you're saying yes to your personal growth, business growth, and to the growth of others around you. This involves searching for truth, finding deeper meaning, and becoming your best.


Whenever we meet with you, the first thing we look for is the truth. The truth can be scary at times, it can also be a mystery, and even seem to be ambiguous. We take all new customers through a process of discovery where we delve into the heart, the culture, and the source of energy for the organization.

1. Search For Truth

Products and Services

Stories give us incredible depth and insight into meaning, purpose, and being connected to others. Our job as storytellers is to help find deeper insight and meaning. We do this by taking outside of the box ideas and bringing them inside the box. By working on these areas, we look to connect with new audiences and avenues to spread your vision further faster.

2. Find Deeper Meaning

Telling Stories

Whether you are an expert, a customer, or both, TAG.expert products and services are designed with overall goal to promote the fullness of joy, love, and peace through Jesus Christ. We believe that to become our best we need His grace and Holy Spirit. We believe God has a purpose for all creation and is interested in you becoming all He has created you to be.

3. Become Your Best

Greatest Value

Intellectual Properties

Our IP is one of our greatest new tools for success for our producers and experts. We have engineered incredibly easy-to-use and practical writing and brainstorming tools that take all the guess work out of writing so that we get to producing projects faster and with greater clarity. Please talk to a producer to learn more.


Vision Design

Whatever you want to start, we are there to help you create a complete vision for your new venture. Free yourself by putting your vision on paper on purpose. 

Vision Designer
Presentation Design

Presentation Design

Want to prepare a bit before getting on camera? We help our experts and our brand partners collaborate through the use of the Presentation Designer. We use incredible intelligence from the leader of business communication, Dale Carnegie from our friends at Dale Carnegie Training. If you would like to learn to present effectively, we highly suggest their program. 

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