Initial Video

The video below is a persuasive form for IVO with an example of a call he had with a diverse group.

Ideas and Suggestions For Improvement:

1. Add edits on the current video by clicking "make edits" above. ~15 min

2. Watch the footage and determine what other videos can be created. I put some detailed instructions within the "watch footage" link above. ~1hr

3. Create a YouTube channel and/or Facebook group so we can post the videos and build community engagement. 

4. I feel like a social plugin to whatever site we build is CRUTIAL to success. Needs to be able to login with facebook and invite friends to join a circle. I'm imagining a landing page and a 1 button sign in.  

5. Establish A Brand Look And Feel (4 or 5 words that describe how you want the customer to feel, as well as a brand promise to guide it) ours is “creating an environment for people to be their best, authentic selves.” This will help us guide all presentational aspects. Allison is excellent at this.

6. Set up mobile video kit for more interviews

7. Create 6 various pitches based around the IVO concept (will be writing a blog post on this today)

8. Once we have key elements like website and videos in place and have a better understanding of how the circles evolve, it’d be worth building a couple social campaigns and some content to help support and retain circle groups. Check out this truly phenomenal article by gydes to understand my frame of reference. 

9. With IVO, due to it's "high touch" nature, FAQs and Customer Support Videos will likely maintain the group. I imagine having a "user sharing" section within the IVO framework where you can post an "aha moment" or an insight into the circle. 

10. Since Ivo is not particularly interested in being the "face" of the company, it may be worth a shot coming up with various illustrated "avatars" based on the target demographic. Not unlike this video.


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