Why Work With Us? 

Our goal is to preserve the essence of your vision, story, and brand.

  • Sell The First Step Or A Product
  • Reach A Global Audience
  • Tell A Powerful Story
  • Keep It Short And Simple (2-3 minutes max)
  • Add Value Or Insight

Don't take our word for it, our work speaks for itself!!

The Video Production Process

The Heart Behind Your Vision

The Customer's Story First

A Compelling Product Offer  



step 1

a Script or Pre-vis

a Time And Location 

Relatable Characters

A Strong Theme


step 2

Directing Actors and Non-Actors

Select the right Camera Package

Cinematic Upgrades

Have A Stylist / Designer

Sound Great


step 3


step 4

The Magic of Editing 

an Original Score 

Animated Logos and motion graphics

We pride ourselves on being masters of the craft and able to cater to just about any style imaginable. 


  1. Simple Style - Straightforward, clean, and purposeful
    Great for interviews and important content captured in a controlled environment. 

  2. Documentary Style - In the moment, candid, and genuine
    Fantastic for videos involving travel, events, and showcasing business culture.

  3. High Impact - Moving, dramatic, inspiring
    Ideal for product releases, promotions or sales, trade-shows, travel, quick response ads

  4. Modern - Current, Trendy, and Stylized
    Perfect for showcasing style, taste, or mood. Excellent for regularly released content that can be shared. Best is to show use cases in story form.


We are passionate about sharing your purpose in the most honest way onto the screen. You will learn about your business, and see it from all different angles. Shaping and forming your video is sure to be one of the greatest assets to casting vision and attracting your dream clients. 
— Chase Arrington, CEO & Executive Producer

Various Styles for any corporation or non-profit

How Much Does Video Cost?

Take Your Vision To The Next Level.

Video and film world are hard to purchase since there are so many options and ways each filmmaker approaches a project. We have been in this business for a while, and we think it's time for a change. We know what works, and our team of creatives are constantly coming up with tested styles to fit your brand.

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Choose scripts, cameras, music, and more so that your expert knows what you need. 

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We had a great experience with Chase at The Arrington Group. He created a relaxed atmosphere and wasn’t pushy about his own agenda or frustrated with us if we had to do multiple takes to get something right. The finished product turned out even better than we had anticipated and included original music to enhance the message. Several of our customers have commented on how great a job Arrington did, and we have proudly displayed the video on our company’s home page for over a year now. We are certain we could not have found a better value than we received, and would definitely recommend the Arrington Group for anyone wanting to capture their message with an effective promotional video!
— Evan Brooke Menendez
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