A Word From The CEO

 Chase Arrington (right) and his beautiful wife Nico (left)

Chase Arrington (right) and his beautiful wife Nico (left)

I'm glad to see you found us!!! It's taken a long time for me to be able to say this so simply, but I believe you are on a journey to become your best authentic self.

My life goal for myself is the same goal I hope you have for yourself... that you choose to live your own story and become all of who you can be.

This is not easy to do. In fact... this is very hard to do! Don't let anyone fool you, becoming your best is not easy. It requires grit, it requires faith, it requires humility, it requires grace, it requires forgiveness and sacrifice.

God has always given me a strong ability to tell stories through performance, music, design, and film. What I never would have immagined is how much I would have to learn about business, how much failure I would experience, and how hard it would be to not let success overtake my pride.

I've met many incredible people that have inspired me, but nothing has sustained me more than my faith in Jesus and the daily discipline of reading through his word and meditating on it night and day. (psalm 1)

It's on His word that I started this company, and it's by His grace that it's still here. It's the resiliancy from grace extended to us by God to continue to live with passion and purpose and to be the church in the world.

While I cannot garantee your earthly success as you may see it now, or promise monetary ROI, what I have done is uncover a powerful process that has brought clarity, truth, and meaning to thousands of artists, storytellers, and visionaries.

I've boiled this down to three distinct commitments:

  1. search for truth
  2. find deeper meaning
  3. become our best

And one goal: To create a world that helps people to become their best authentic selves.

This is what we are doing here. We are visionaries, we are storytellers, and we are value creators. This world lives off of the values of the entrepreneurs who lead it. So lets lead like champions!

My Best in Christ,

Chase Arrington CEO / Executive Producer


Churches and Non-Profits

Develop Bible studies and ministry tools for churches, businesses, non-profits, and private groups. Brands we work with are constantly finding ways to share the Gospel of Jesus with the world by preaching, teaching, and helping neighbors in need.

Brand Partners

Heart House.png

Personal Development

Create exciting products within fashion, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Can be in the form of consulting packages, intellectual property, or physical brand. We expect our experts to bring life-changing and results-driven products and services that will help people become their best, authentic selves.

Brand Partners

Dale Carnegie.png

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Inspire audiences to search for truth, find deeper meaning, and become their best. Enjoy traveling and sharing photos and video content? Great at finding musicians, designers, bloggers, and influencers? Create an entertaining environment for people to become their best, authentic selves by changing their lifestyle.

Brand Partners

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Independent Production Companies

We are dedicated to produce authentic, high quality documentaries, movies, TV shows, and music. We feature stories about characters who are searching for truth, finding deeper meaning, and becoming their best.

Performing Artists

Whether you are teaching, coaching, or looking to book the next gig, we want to help you find ways to use your talents and package them for the greatest impact. Writers, directors, actors, instrumentalists, singers, and dancers create an environment for people to become their best authentic selves.

Business Development

Starting a business is not a simple feat. It's for the brave, the restless, and those of us who are willing to step out and fail boldly.

We believe that business is a pwerful hybrid of creativity and execution as long as it is ballanced with a powerful vision and great leadership.

Each business is different and needs different things. We encourage our experts to develop end-to-end solutions in the following areas.

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Culture and Productivity
  • Space Optimization
  • Monetization
  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Writing
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Vision Design
  • Activation

Public Relations

Event management, book promotion, and communicating clearly to the public helps us get our message out to the world. We are on the lookout for excellence within this area and turnkey solutions for those who have something true, meaningful, and awesome to share.

Presentation and News

It's not just about looking your best... it's about truly being your best. Web design, branding, industry news, videos, and digital marketing services are powerful ways to communicate vision, story, and value to your audience.

Get clarity, share your heart, and bless others with products and services by sharing the right message with your audience.

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