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Creating B-Roll Packages

Current Projects

As one of our experts, you get first right of refusal to jump in on our projects created by brand partners and customers. We advise you to truly seek to bring your best to every project and ultimately to be your best, authentic self. Also, you'll make money in the process!

Development Categories

We expect our experts to be sourcing and working behind the scenes on creating new and exciting products and services for our customers by thinking outside of the box and imagining our dream jobs. is rare in that we allow for our experts to take the stage and make a name for themselves.

Below is a link to the areas that we are interested in developing products and services. 

What is your talent and expertise? Share your passion with us!

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At TAG, we search for truth, find deeper meaning, and become our best. Please describe your natural working environment!
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Our Experts Enjoy

First Right Of Refusal

We put you first

Our Expert Are The Best

We want to make sure we are setting you up for success in every project. Our experts are constantly searching for truth, finding deeper meaning, and becoming their best every day. We want to give you the freedom to build your portfolio to the next level.

*We take a very select number of experts in each area of expertise.

Get Access To Expert Mentorship

develop your vision

We offer the same services to you as we do our clients

Want to work on a passion project? Have an idea for a product or service we can offer? Want to secure funding to travel the world? Want to work remote? All experts receive a 20% discount on the 90/90 Vision Session with a owner or brand partner to go over your personal vision, your story, and your individual brand. We are all about you becoming your best, authentic self.

Opportunities To Innovate

Beta X Mastermind

Want to work with other TAG experts on another project?

You can create your own mastermind groups through our BetaX platform where you can create your own vision and start building. When you work with a coach, we can help you start your companies and your creative projects so that everyone can share in the success.

Customer Management

expert representation

Sick of handling all your projects and dealing with clients?

Always getting undercut and feeling like you can't get what you're worth? Let our project managers and creative directors go to bat for you and work out fair deals for all between you and your clients under the umbrella.


Experts In Film Media

Our video production experts are highly motivated to communicate the vision of the client, tell a compelling visual story, and look for ways to grow our customers to the next level. They are highly collaborative and network with other experts in order to become their best.

Video Crews Are Responsible For Various Services:

  • Working With The Creative Director to Write Scripts and Concepts For Videos
  • Utilize The Latest Techniques, Cameras, and Gear To Achieve The Vision Of The Client
  • Offer Ideas And Unique Perspectives To Make The Project The Best It Can Be
  • Edit And Assemble Footage In A Timely Manner Along With Revisions
  • High Quality Animations and Motion Graphics
  • Live Video Production Switching, Operating, and Streaming

Music And Sound Production

Music production experts have a well rounded approach to both the music and sound design elements of what consists of telling a story through media. They are highly motivated to become their best and to create a commercial style that benefits our customers and innovates.

  • Writing timely and quality musical scores
  • Create music for liscensing opportunities through TAG and others
  • Work with musicians to help them sound their best and look to inspire everyone they work with to grow their skills to a higher level
  • Live Sound Production Mixing and Recording
creative arts visual.jpg

Designers, Developers, Photographers, and Copy Writers

The Stationary Arts ;)

Although it's a catch all term, we believe in the purity of design down to the elements and principles and the ability to utilize psychology into our designs to futher communicate vision, tell engaging stories, and evoke meaning a value.

Our Design Team Needs To Have Competency In:

  • Being able to talk to people and answer phone calls without panick attacks ;)
  • Landscape, Portrait, Food, and Product Photography and Editing no nigga shit
  • Use Graphic Design To Gain Attention And Communicate The Message
  • Website Design and Development That Is Coded In A Logical, Precise Manner
  • Information Design That Allows For Easy Reading
  • Copywriting Structure and Formatting That Appeals To Customer Wants
  • UX Design That Focuses On The Customer Experience
  • Use Of Typography to Showcase The Brand

Performance Arts

Our performers are excellent presenters, they have a level of mastery in dance, acting, singing, and speaking. They are a quick read and are able to get excited about our customers' vision, story, and brand and communicate this with their energy to others to win people over. They must be passionate about TAG and the opportunity to help all people become their best, authentic selves.

Performing Artists Include:

  • Dancers/Choreographers
  • Artists, Magicians, and Comedians
  • Vocalists and Instrumentalists
  • Actors for Film and For Stage
  • High Impact Presenters For Corporate Speaking Events
 This cheesy photo is a placeholder!

This cheesy photo is a placeholder!

Attracting High Paying Clients

The goal is to create a process from beginning to end and solve a problem. We like to think of these as products rather than a service. A product is an end to end solution. As an expert, we want you to create powerful and meaningful products that actually solve real problems.

When you work with a director, they will help you come up with problems our brand partners are dealing with and give you the opportunity to pitch and package these products and services.

The best part, if no one uses your product on our end, you can still use what you create to sell to your own clients.

How to Get Paid

Creating and delivering end to end solutions to our brand partners and customers. We sell products and services that help people become their best, authentic selves. We're not looking for half way. We want to fully take our customers from problem to solution. 

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