Sales is DEAD! And It Has A New Name...

Gone are the sales days when you have a guy who lives at a store where he convinces you to buy.

Don't believe me? 

Here's why...

  1. Customers are far more educated than ever.
  2. Review sites are just around the corner. *actually they are in their pocket IN THE STORE*
  3. Generally, people HATTTTE sales (often with a passion)
  4. It DOESN'T WORK!!! DUH!

Now, before you call me on my bluff here... (because sales really isn't dead) I want to introduce you to a new paradigm with exciting possibilities. 




Yes... I suggest creating a brand new product of intellectual properties, coaching, training, and experiences to your business. 

Do I Have To Change Anything?

Yes and No... You need to uncover the "once hidden" value of your "secret commissioned sales people" and bring them into the light for them to shine. This means renaming, relabeling, and reframing the purpose. - This is the NO answer. 

Here's the YES to the change. If you are good at helping people get your product... and you OWN the product... there are hundreds of people who are vying to do this selling FOR you. They can also cause a huge amount of problems for you as well - because they are far from you, your product, etc... 

So this requires that you may need to integrate a new strategy.

Maybe you go after the people who are raving about your product online trying to gain exposure and make a valiant effort to bring them in to your brand and give them the commissions they deserve for bringing in revenue. 

Introducing... the Coach and the Cheerleader. 

Cheerleaders are your customer service people / marketing (not traditionally viewed as sales... but might as well be now). The cheerleaders need to have social accounts, be well connected, and have a following. They post day to day activities like nobody's business... and it WORKS for your business to have this. Do not implement this strategy is you don't feel like your cheerleader would like to market you while working. If you don't have a desirable culture... then maybe consider getting phased out of the world completely. There's radically new rules daily. Keep up... stay lean... stick with what works... or drown. (Naturally, it's impossible to know who's reading this... but this is targeted to businesses that need marketing and have at least a 40% profit margin. What? I donno? Third Base?!)

The Coach is the person who knows the way and is just like your client... they CARE about them deeply and want them to succeed with your product. Not only do they care... but they are adamant about everyone succeeding and winning with your product or service. 

Our suggestion: Find this person for your business, incentivize them well! Consider creating a new level of product around them that can thrive independently from your current product or service. *this actually gives some credence to some of what Grant Cardone says. 

Much like a lion in a cage... this is what happens when you get a coach to be your sales person. Put them in a position where their work is compensated and they will THRIVE. They aren't interested in the $$$ as much as they are in people succeeding. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your product or service doesn't help people or generate cheerleaders... we may not be a good fit... Do NOT call us!!! We are small and don't need your crap or your money!



  • It communicates to the consumer that you value their success towards their unique goals
  • It is more accurate to the true nature of what the "sales" process is.  
  • It can give you more revenue to break even in your advertising and marketing


Other alternatives

Create a training program that qualifies and certifies people to sell your product or service. If possible, you may be able to sell this concept. This creates a micro-coaching franchise within your business. 


Why SALES is dead?

perception is everything!


And with this, dear reader... I hope to leave you... with good, simple, and actionable insight. Have questions? Let's chat!

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