Standing On Truth And Reaching With Faith

Where is the magic? We see something that takes our breath away and takes us to an incredible new world. Just as various instruments come together in a symphonic song... so it is the same for visuals. 

Technology today gives us incredible lenses and insight with which to view the world. It opens the door for us to slow down time and speed it up. To appear large or small. But it's the way we see it and in the order we watch that evokes a powerful emotion. 

For the past 100+ years, film has been the ultimate form of creative expression. The highest of collaborative feats between the worlds of science and art. One limits and one pushes beyond the limits until we know again. 




Faith works like this. We believe for something we cannot yet see or understand... 


Science works the opposite in that we try to know...

Faith and knowledge go hand and hand.

Behind The Scenes (short)

Check out our short film which won first place at the 24 Hour Video Race. Chase Arrington created this film in 24 Hours (which means he wrote, directed, produced, and edited) with the help of actors Travis Bonnick, Blake Blair,  Stacie Tottress, and Nico Arrington.


We push ourselves to create outside of the box while still embracing where we are now. This moment is all that we have while somehow we connect to eternity. This power is eternal, but it fades in a moment. 

Filmmakers, creators, and storytellers remind the world that ALL moments matter. Many moments, we will forget, yes, but those captured will serve to remind us of where we've been and where we are going. We must return to a childlike state to create, we need others to keep us grounded... and every child needs a shoulder on which to stand. 

Whose shoulders are you standing on? What does it look like to return to a childlike state and ask for what you really want? What could you imagine that would make your life easier, more fulfilling, more favorable? 

When we let go of our preconceived ideas confined by what we know, we are able to pave better paths not just for ourselves, but for others. What are you leaving behind? 

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