Surrender Your Vision To The Math

I pulled up to the office today and it hit me. We typically see that we surrender to the unknown, to the Lord's will, and this is all great - and while God may ask us to do things we do not understand, we can forget that God created all things around math! So, when it comes to products and services that are intended to drive our economic engines (what we consider vision) - we must surrender to the math.

Your vision and your product must surrender to basic principles of math. 

Understanding Numbers In Design

What math tells us? Math tells us "what is", "what was", and "what can be" - and it was created by God to help us see His craftsmanship. Math is a measure we use to give us insight into what is working and what is not. It tells us what we can spend and what we cannot. 

Math is also a great tool for replication and sharpening. Once you find what works... don't try to reinvent it - that is for the artist.

Which brings me to another thought... Artists also use math... Actually, many artists are mathematicians who found a beautiful way to share it with the world. (aside from some modern art which truly isn't art)


Learning Structures for Art and Performance

Within the confounds of a structure, art it is able to thrive and give great meaning to the invisible structure. We see this in the 13 note octave on a piano. We see it in perspective for paintings. We see it in proportions and we see it also in color schemes, rhythm, and time. 

Math is so specially created that this trick can happen. (I'm pretty sure he's telling the truth on this one)

Success Formula According To Einstein

If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z.
X is work.
Y is play.
Z is keep your mouth shut.
— Albert Einstein

faith with reason

God somehow is the perfect mathematician. There are always other factors that are unknown and unmeasurable and it's when we surrender to the math and let ourselves be humbled by the numbers, we can more accurately see the blessings God may have for us as well. This is well illustrated in this sermon below. 






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