Why Is The Footage Muted And Dark/Gray

When we share raw footage, a lot of times we get clients wondering why the footage looks dark or muted. This is because we often shoot in a cinema log or raw format that makes the footage look mucky and underexposed.

The reason we do this is because when shooting it gives us more range to change it later in post and preserve more color information (such as details in the whites and in the blacks). 

Check out these stills to get an idea for the before and after. 

The Twitter Pitch

140 Characters is all you get. Try out 6 different twitter pitches and see which one you like best!

Create A Story Outline That Will Wow Your Audience

One of my favorite things to do as a filmmaker is to study "what works". While there are very many ways people can go about creating, this has proved to be the most effective for me. This blog post is a resource for anyone looking for a powerful way to share their story. 

Get A Blog Post Concept Without The Headache

Want to write a quick blog post but have no idea which way to go? Here's a fast way to get it straight from Frank Kern's office. 

Scope Of Work Generator

For those of us who like to be thorough and walk through all possible outcomes, this is a good master set of questions to lead anyone to the promise land. 

Developing a strong scope of work is grueling to say the least, these 20 questions will challenge you to build a powerful scope of work for the customer.

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