Why We Love The NEW Dale Carnegie

Check out the video we produced for Dale Carnegie DFW!

Brand New Style, Same Powerful Message

We have worked closely with the Dale Carnegie team for the past few years and it always amazes me when I see big companies like them take to a new brand image while staying true to the vision, values, and powerful message they carry. 

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to serve them this year! 

Dale Carnegie Training is hands down the greatest return on investment we've seen for our company as we continue to create a "high touch" and relationship first business model.

If you haven't already, please do consider the investment - it is worth it's weight in gold.

24 Hour Winner "Behind The Scenes" 2017

"Behind The Scenes" a 24 hour film

So, it's about an hour before midnight, and it dawned on me that it would be a good time to pick back up some narrative filmmaking. I'm prepping a shoot for Sunday to go and film ZZ Top for an interview for an upcoming documentary and it just so happens that this is the night of the 24 hour film race. We wrangled up a group of actors and jumped at the opportunity. 

Here is the prompt:
Theme: Finding the Truth
Prop: VHS Tape or Book
Location: Elevator
Line of Dialogue: “What is your name again?”
Must also include: a Native Texas Tree 




Travis Bonnick

Blake Blair

Nico Arrington

Stacie Tottress 

Chris and Janni Arrington

Written, filmed, edited, directed, and scored by Chase Arrington

Equipment Provided by TAG.expert and Paul Gore Inc.

"Finding A Place" A Refugee Story

Check out the short film we produced for Heart House Dallas


Create a video that showcased the theme of Heart House Dallas' theme of Chaos to Calm by using a narrative story in order to set the stage for their annual luncheon.


We had only a week and a half to produce this piece before their luncheon, and needed to use and cast actors who were not actually a part of their organization. We also were unable to use the exact and literal story given to us, but needed to tell the general "refugee" story. 


Heart House is all about empathy and understanding the trauma that children go through, while also providing life skills, soft skills, and hard skills to get accustomed to American culture and a new way of life. They do this through play therapy, mindful meditation, language, and counseling and consulting. 


To learn more about Heart House, please visit them at www.hearthousedallas.org

Picture of the cast at the luncheon! These girls had so much fun!! 

Picture of the cast at the luncheon! These girls had so much fun!!