What Should I Wear On Camera?

  1. Don’t wear white, black or red. White glows and becomes the most noticeable thing on the TV screen. Black is too harsh and can suck up all the light. Reds bleed on camera and are distracting.
  2. Pastel shirts work well on TV.
  3. The safest color on TV is blue.
  4. Don’t wear dangly earrings. They distract.
  5. Remove Jewelry that moves. It will create unwanted noise.
  6. Be wrinkle-free.
  7. Avoid stripes, herringbone, small intricate designs, or flashy jewelry. They are hard for a TV camera to pick up on.
  8. Don’t wear checks.
  9. Unless you are a fashion designer, it's ideal to dress in a simple, boring manner.
  10. TV viewers should focus on your face and what you say, not your clothes (unless you're a fashion designer).
  11. Men should have about an inch of their shirt cuff showing.
  12. Avoid light colored pants.
  13. Wear over-the-calf socks so your skin doesn’t show if you cross your legs.
  14. Don’t wear more than one ring per hand.
  15. Women shouldn’t wear short skirts if you want people to focus on your message.
  16. If you wear a dark shirt, dark suit, and dark tie, you will look like you are auditioning to be a hit man on the Sopranos.
  17. Vests look stuffy on TV.
  18. Don’t wear stripes. They dance around on the screen and are distracting.
  19. Avoid hair products that add shine.
  20. No visible logos or companies or brands, except for your own company logo.
  21. People shouldn’t judge you by your appearance, but they will.
  22. If you do or wear anything distracting on TV, people will remember that and nothing you say.

Beware of the WANNAPRENEURS!!!

"Entrepreneurs push their car when it breaks down. Wannapreneurs call the ambulance of debt and ask for a handout."

One of the things we take good care to ensure at TAG is to get rid of the notion of a "wannapreneur"

A wannapreneur is someone who is dabbling with an idea for longer than a month without turning it into at least some sort of a business. We see this all the time with people spending years to develop apps or making films without any idea of how it will be sold or recoup it's losses. 

It's an easy trap for all of us to fall in love with ideas, but there is a particular area of my book, The Creative Catalyst, called "Failing 20x Faster Than You Can Think To Fail". The fear of failure is where a lot of wannapreneurs are born and killed. As the want grows, so does the fear. As the need becomes high, so does everything BUT making money become the main focus. 

I want to encourage you to focus on the right things, not just doing things right. You may be trying to get something too perfect, when it was fine 5 generations ago. This also moves me into another thought from my book which is to JUST GET A B!!! Stop trying to get an A on everything. Just get the grade you need within the time you have. In school, if you didn't get an assignment in on time, you were penalized... SAME GOES FOR YOUR GOALS!

The title of this little post is to Beware of The Wannapreneurs because I think that the wannapreneur is exactly the opposite of what we are doing at TAG, Beta X, and The Creative Catalyst. No more dreaming. Get clear and start taking risks NOW!

I had a heart to heart with one of my life-long mentors the other day. He put it this way: 

There is a man on the side of the street with his car broken down and his thumb out for help. Some people may not be as inclined to help. 
There is another man on the side of the street with his car broken down and he's pushing his car. More people are inclined to help.
Getting movement is like the second guy. Entrepreneurs push their car when it breaks down.
Wannapreneurs call the ambulance when no one latches on to their ideas.


Final Thoughts

We've all been there at one time or another. You're not alone! If you are pushing your car right now, we can help you get back on track. Yes, it's hard work, but YOU have to push your own damn car. We can help you push it so that you can fill up and drive!

Need help pushing the car?!

Get a vision session now! 

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