Big Changes Are Happening At

We are making room for the next generation.

There are moments when it becomes clear that it's time to make a leap into new territory. For years, we have made corporate videos for various brands by supplying businesses expertise in video production. 

While we are not stopping these services, our focus at is now to introduce the next generation of creatives into the mix.

I will be taking a step down as the creative director for in September 2018 and am implementing an aggressive succession plan as I move into a more active role as the CEO and Executive Producer. 

Not only will we be developing our own TV Shows, Movies, and pitching to various networks, we will also continue producing incredible video content for businesses in an authentic and meaningful way.

In 2019 (late 2018), we will also undergo a COMPLETE quality overhaul. I mean... MASSIVE. We are switching to 100% 4K video outputs and will be making a rather large investment in a studio space as well as a sound studio, cinema rigs, and some other sweet elements that I'll share later.

My initial vision for was to become a place where people can truly be their best authentic selves. I want to open the doors of this new opportunity for those who are looking to start businesses, create new solutions, and more effectively foster their God-given talents. 

We are currently in our first round of investments for this major growth stage, so if you've ever wanted to jump on board, this is the time to do it. 

In an effort to assist with this big shift, I am adding three primary roles that will greatly benefit your success as a customer. This will take effect September 1st, 2018!

1. Brand Advocates will help manage each of our clients and work tirelessly to make sure we are making decisions that are the best for your brand.

2. Creative Directors will be in charge of generating ideas and communicating them to our team of experts and giving them directives on how to accomplish each project with exceptional quality.

3. Experts (A LOT OF EXPERTS) will be hand selected based on project needs and resources available. Our experts are hard-working and highly motivated to bring their talents to our team in an awesome way. 

A few other changes is that by the end of 2019, we will be present Nationally. Meaning you will be able to work with teams in many of the major cities nationwide. We haven't disclosed which cities this will be, but early 2019 we will be in full operation in Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Seattle.

I look forward to continuing relationships with our clients as I take a step down as creative director for and focus on leading this company into the future.


My Best,

Chase Arrington


Why Is The Footage Muted And Dark/Gray

When we share raw footage, a lot of times we get clients wondering why the footage looks dark or muted. This is because we often shoot in a cinema log or raw format that makes the footage look mucky and underexposed.

The reason we do this is because when shooting it gives us more range to change it later in post and preserve more color information (such as details in the whites and in the blacks). 

Check out these stills to get an idea for the before and after. 

The Twitter Pitch

140 Characters is all you get. Try out 6 different twitter pitches and see which one you like best!

Create A Story Outline That Will Wow Your Audience

One of my favorite things to do as a filmmaker is to study "what works". While there are very many ways people can go about creating, this has proved to be the most effective for me. This blog post is a resource for anyone looking for a powerful way to share their story. 

Get A Blog Post Concept Without The Headache

Want to write a quick blog post but have no idea which way to go? Here's a fast way to get it straight from Frank Kern's office. 

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