Beware of the WANNAPRENEURS!!!

"Entrepreneurs push their car when it breaks down. Wannapreneurs call the ambulance of debt and ask for a handout."

One of the things we take good care to ensure at TAG is to get rid of the notion of a "wannapreneur"

A wannapreneur is someone who is dabbling with an idea for longer than a month without turning it into at least some sort of a business. We see this all the time with people spending years to develop apps or making films without any idea of how it will be sold or recoup it's losses. 

It's an easy trap for all of us to fall in love with ideas, but there is a particular area of my book, The Creative Catalyst, called "Failing 20x Faster Than You Can Think To Fail". The fear of failure is where a lot of wannapreneurs are born and killed. As the want grows, so does the fear. As the need becomes high, so does everything BUT making money become the main focus. 

I want to encourage you to focus on the right things, not just doing things right. You may be trying to get something too perfect, when it was fine 5 generations ago. This also moves me into another thought from my book which is to JUST GET A B!!! Stop trying to get an A on everything. Just get the grade you need within the time you have. In school, if you didn't get an assignment in on time, you were penalized... SAME GOES FOR YOUR GOALS!

The title of this little post is to Beware of The Wannapreneurs because I think that the wannapreneur is exactly the opposite of what we are doing at TAG, Beta X, and The Creative Catalyst. No more dreaming. Get clear and start taking risks NOW!

I had a heart to heart with one of my life-long mentors the other day. He put it this way: 

There is a man on the side of the street with his car broken down and his thumb out for help. Some people may not be as inclined to help. 
There is another man on the side of the street with his car broken down and he's pushing his car. More people are inclined to help.
Getting movement is like the second guy. Entrepreneurs push their car when it breaks down.
Wannapreneurs call the ambulance when no one latches on to their ideas.


Final Thoughts

We've all been there at one time or another. You're not alone! If you are pushing your car right now, we can help you get back on track. Yes, it's hard work, but YOU have to push your own damn car. We can help you push it so that you can fill up and drive!

Need help pushing the car?!

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5 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing Now To Grow Your Business


#1 Create A Powerful Relationship

Imagine you are in a crowded market full of screaming vendors. If all the vendors are screaming, customers aren't listening.

Anyone with a cell phone can open a Facebook page or send an email blast. It takes care, concern, and restraint to craft our messages to our audience. Remember, people don't walk away to turn you off... they click a button and may never click it again.

In a crowded marketplace, it's important to stand out with your message. It would be better to have one great video than 10 bad ones. (We'll do a blog post on how to repost and reframe the same content)

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT "Audrey Pinkerton Campaign"

We worked with Audrey and her team by focusing on high quality video and authentic delivery. She's a mom, a business owner, and a friend of her neighborhood so we had her wear something simple and play herself down.

Audrey ended up winning against her competition - who had spend 10x more on their campaign and has since been able to get powerful emotional support from her voters. With a targeted facebook campaign the night before voting, many people attributed the win to the fact that people were reminded to vote and also were disarmed by Audrey's candid approach and demeanor. 

#2 People Are Watching A Lot Of Video!

People watch videos online as their main form of entertainment and information.

Here are the latest YouTube stats:

  • Every minute = 48 hours of video uploaded

  • Every day = 9.5 minutes watched per user

  • Every month = 182.2 million unique users

On Twitter

  • 50% increase in video tweets

  • 6x more likely to retweet a video than a photo

On Facebook

  • Second biggest video platform next to YouTube

  • 100 million hours of video watched every day

Snapchat Users

  • Watch 10 billion videos every 24 hours

Ready to Get Started? Don't Wait, Get A Free Quote!

Make More Videos

We used this video to create awareness and to demonstrate some of the ways that video can help at the very minimum requirements. Chase demonstrates this in the following video after having spent 5 minutes writing the script through our presentation designer.


#3. Video Is A Commodity

We are happy to play a major role in the continual development of highest caliber content. We believe that becoming video literate and learning code will be some of the highest skills.

Here are the predictions!

  • By 2020, video traffic will triple

  • Globally, 75% of all mobile traffic will be video content by 2020

  • 90% of Facebook content will be video-based by 2018

  • YouTube will cross the 221-million mobile viewer mark by 2020 or SOONER!


EXPERT TIPS: Pre-Visualization

With our top packages, we craft ever single frame to make sure your videos stand above the competition.

Talk To An Expert And Start Your Project


#4. Gaining Trust From Customers

A customer doesn't purchase a product, they purchase your ability to solve their problem and trust that you can do this faster, cheaper, or better than others like you. Our job is to help them make this decision through video.

  • Retailers using video increased conversion rates up to 91%.

  • Video emails increased conversion by 500% (on average!)

  • E-Commerce Stores have 80% higher conversion rate and a 68% increase in the average sale.

  • Viewers of Video Content are 1.6 x more likely to buy

EXPERT TIPS: Use Original Music As A Character To Your Film

This video is a great example of how to gain trust from your customers. We walk through the entire process of the writing and of a song.

Brad is one of our trusted experts we bring in to work with our customers to help them connect to their audience.

It's hard for us to understand what goes into this kind of work through mere text and pictures. In this video you see that brad is not just a brilliant composer, he has a business mind as well that allows him to focus his attention on the brand and the audience.


#5. Video Is The Preferred Method of Communicating

I may argue that GOOD video is the preferred method of communication, but it is obvious that video performs far better than other means of entertainment. Videos are more interactive and help us remember more information as well.

  • 50% of Video viewers remembered the brand vs 37% of TV viewers remembered the brand

  • People are 2x more likely to remember your message online than on TV

  • Video has a 1.27x ROI

  • It's 18x more likely for your customer to click on a video than on conventional banners or HTML campaigns.


Final Thoughts

  1. Video marketing is the #1 form of marketing and will continue to grow well into the future.

  2. Your business needs to put in place a video marketing strategy immediately.

  3. We can help you create engaging content so you can cut through crowded marketplaces and reach the people who need you!



Check out this cool infographic from our friends at

Standing On Truth And Reaching With Faith

Where is the magic? We see something that takes our breath away and takes us to an incredible new world. Just as various instruments come together in a symphonic song... so it is the same for visuals. 

Technology today gives us incredible lenses and insight with which to view the world. It opens the door for us to slow down time and speed it up. To appear large or small. But it's the way we see it and in the order we watch that evokes a powerful emotion. 

For the past 100+ years, film has been the ultimate form of creative expression. The highest of collaborative feats between the worlds of science and art. One limits and one pushes beyond the limits until we know again. 




Faith works like this. We believe for something we cannot yet see or understand... 


Science works the opposite in that we try to know...

Faith and knowledge go hand and hand.

Behind The Scenes (short)

Check out our short film which won first place at the 24 Hour Video Race. Chase Arrington created this film in 24 Hours (which means he wrote, directed, produced, and edited) with the help of actors Travis Bonnick, Blake Blair,  Stacie Tottress, and Nico Arrington.


We push ourselves to create outside of the box while still embracing where we are now. This moment is all that we have while somehow we connect to eternity. This power is eternal, but it fades in a moment. 

Filmmakers, creators, and storytellers remind the world that ALL moments matter. Many moments, we will forget, yes, but those captured will serve to remind us of where we've been and where we are going. We must return to a childlike state to create, we need others to keep us grounded... and every child needs a shoulder on which to stand. 

Whose shoulders are you standing on? What does it look like to return to a childlike state and ask for what you really want? What could you imagine that would make your life easier, more fulfilling, more favorable? 

When we let go of our preconceived ideas confined by what we know, we are able to pave better paths not just for ourselves, but for others. What are you leaving behind? 

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