Why TAG exists?

TAG.expert was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of The Arrington Group in order to build a creative agency focused on three distinct understandings: vision is sustained by products, mission is best explained by story, and values become the brand. TAG started with a passion for the moment and a love for the journey more so than the destination. While everyone's journey may look a little bit different, we are humbled to play a part of yours.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the power of the Gospel to turn every corner of the world into a place where everyone is inspired to be their best, authentic selves. Every day we search for truth, find deeper meaning, and take action to become our best.

Our Vision

  1. Create, Promote, and Distribute The Best Products and Services Available
  2. Tell Genuine, Uplifting Stories That Inspire Action
  3. Uphold The Highest Standard of Values

Our Values

We value excellence in all things, unwavering faith, love for God, and love for people. We promote the creation and use of things that are true, noble, and of good reproach. We build up the Kingdom of God by making it on earth as it is in heaven. We preach the gospel.

The Business Begins

By Chase Arrington

There I am walking out of Trammel Crowe's office when it just dawned on me that I had just made the largest sale thus far in my career. I was dumfounded, but I had just told them to make out a check to a company that doesn't even exist yet. So I did what most 22 year olds do... I went downtown and registered a DBA and opened up a brand new business account for The Arrington Group (formed an LLC about a year later).

I didn't realize it quite yet, but God had given me a vision much larger than I had ever thought possible. I wanted to create content that was uplifting, kind, thoughtful, and true. I wanted to advance the kingdom of God, and I wanted to create a company that is for the good of all. Every step I prayed, persevered, stretched, and grew knowing that it was for something greater... and there is no way I was gonna miss this. 

Growing up, I was pretty confused about what exactly I would do with my life. I was so interested in everything within the arts from drawing, to performing, to writing music, and entrepreneurship. The through-line, however, has been a deep deep desire to know God's will not just for my life, but for the life of others... and for all of us. I came to see this answer within my art jumping out at me like a flash of lightning. No matter where I was in school, somehow God revealed himself to me as the savior of the world... and I could not forsake the one who came to earth to save me. 

Jesus is my greatest inspiration, and I have come to trust Him openly and unashamed throughout my time as a musician, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He inspires me and gives me hope that I can boldly be myself, that I can face my fears, and that I can become my best not just because I'm awesome, but because I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. 

It never stops here though... it must keep moving, keep shining, and stay moving in you. In the whole of 7 Billion+ people in the world... I can't expect I will ever reach all of them... but for those of you I can touch enough to continue to touch the rest... I believe that The Arrington Group will forever be a company that is dedicated to making it on earth as it is in heaven. 

Now, I am developing a new vision for The Arrington Group as we move all of our media and content creation over to TAG.expert. I cannot say what this is yet, but I can assure you that TAG.expert is here to stay and will play a large part in the future of The Arrington Group for years to come. 

The Mission Begins

By Chase Arrington

God had revealed to me some very dark realities about the film and music industry that deeply troubled me. So much so, that I left a full scholarship where I was singing, acting, and producing films. I was immersed in it all and was looking so hard for a path to take within the industry... but every time I looked... I thought to myself... "I can do that!"

I wanted to be a part of the storytelling, I saw how stories could be told better and with more heart. Everywhere I looked... they were all missing it... everyone was lying and trying to get away with it. So I hid away from the world of fiction and found myself falling in love with the concept of creative documentaries. I realized that there were honest people making ends meet helping others, serving others and expecting nothing in return.

They were happy, genuinely happy. Not all of these people had homes, and not all of these people were poor... in fact - I've seen some of the same qualities in a homeless man as a billionaire. They each had a burden to bear... and they chose not to carry it but to give it to God. Their life, to them, was exactly as it should be. They were content and happy with their lives.

When I came home from school, my parents made it very clear to me that I was on my own. They didn't understand what I was going through at the time, but they are good parents... and they stuck to their guns. So I found myself touring around Texas spending time with friends, family, and family of friends... it was VERY HUMBLING. 

I lived out of my car at times and had a terrible cigarette smoking habit that I had so much guilt about. I had so many questions in my heart... There was an evil in the world that I had not realized existed... and I wanted answers. 

So I used my camera. I used my music... I used the talents that God gave me... to start searching for truth, find deeper meaning, and becoming my best. I knew that somehow if I just would keep doing this that one day the friends would come, the home would come, the equipment and things would come, and the money would come.

And you know what? It did... but exactly in that order. The more I pursued God, the more I met His people. The more of His people I knew, the more places I had to stay... and the more places I had to stay, the more gifts were given to me. And once the gifts had been given, the money would come. 

I had always been given what I needed. Sometimes a bit more... but never less.

Through my homeless experience and ministry, my little brother and his friends caught the bug. They were juniors in high school and decided to start up a non-profit called Happiness. One of their projects was a school-wide event called "Homeless For A Night" in which close to 300 high school kids would meet on the football field for a night and sleep in cardboard boxes to draw awareness to homelessness as well as raise money to give to S.O.U.L Church. At SOUL Church they feed about 500 people every Sunday morning after a worship service and message from Pastor Leon Birdd. 

When my brother told me that he wanted to do this, I told him I'd help him make a video for it. This is the video that was then seen somehow by Trammel Crowe's secretary and they brought me in to film the 2nd Earth Day Dallas festival (now Earth Day Texas)... and it was how I started my business. 

Also, oddly enough, I now live in the building that SOUL Church faces and I know that my spirit can hear the countless men and women sing praises to God every Sunday morning at 7:30am. 

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